The Swedish attacker signed with the Italian top club in 2020 and has been a big player for the team. She has won both Serie A and Italian Super Cup and scored 19 goals for the club since she arrived. And now she’ll be in the club until 2024.

When Lina moved from Linkoping to Juventus our hope and believe was that she would get the possibility to grow together with her new club. The last 1,5 years we have experienced exactly that. Juventus as a team and Lina as an individual has developed in high speed and with enormous quality. Side by side they have been winning titles, done outstanding performances and got their real breakthroughs on the international stage in the Champions League. We are very excited about Linas new contract with Juventus. The extension means there will be a part two of this beautiful story and a possibility to see the two of them help each other become the best in the world, says Lisa Ek, Client Manager at CMG.