What a summer it has been for Hanna Bennison! The 18 year old has gone from graduation, to winning an Olympic Silver to now signing one of the biggest contracts, in the history of Swedish women’s football, for Everton Women FC.

As for everyone, 2020 was a year of growth and understanding for Hanna. Not only with Corona but also with dealing with injuries. However, now in 2021, her fresh start has begun. In 2021, she has already been named the world’s greatest talent by the football magazine Goal, entered into a lucrative collaboration with the American shoe giant Nike, played the quarterfinals in the Champions League and succeeded (just a couple weeks ago) with bringing home the Silver medal to Sweden.

Fast forward to today, to where the girl from the south of Sweden, football-educated in Lomma, and who took her opportunity to flourish in FC Rosengård will now take her next step with the hard-working English club Everton FC. Bennison has signed for four years and is very much looking forward to what’s to come

– The English league is the most interesting right now, I think, and the development there is progressing fast. Everton want to be part of the challenge, make a real investment, and it feels super exciting to be a part of it, says Bennison.

In the club, she is joined by Rosengård and national team mates Nathalie Björn and Anna Anvegård.

– It feels difficult to leave friends and family but I feel very comfortable with everything here (at home) in Sweden. None the less, at the same time, I have longed to go away and try something else. I feel ready and of course it might be a little difficult with such a big change, however most of it feels fun to simply get this opportunity. Also, it helps and provides a great security that both Anna and Nathalie are in the team, says Bennison and continues:

– For me, with the contract being set for four years, I just see it as security. I will basically have the same role at Everton that I have had before, in the central midfield. I know it’s a little more physical football in the English league (Women’s Super League), and that it’s a little tougher. I myself have become a little tougher in my playing style during the year and I will continue to develop many parts of my game in the future.

Many top European clubs have been chasing CMG’s client during the year, the news headlines have been speculating and it is with great pleasure that we can finally confirm and wish Hanna Bennison all the luck at Everton.

– Hanna’s move to Everton is an extraordinary transfer. It is one that not only checks all the boxes for Hanna but also for all of us at
Connect Management Group.

Everton is a club that has made their ambitions known, for not only inspiring to finish at the top of the FAWSL but also making an impact on the international side as well. They continue to show their dedication in the women’s game by their investment in their player’s, providing the best facilities and making sure they have the best staff possible. This also includes having a manager, plus the leadership of Willie Kirk, who really engages himself in the individual to create the best team environment feasible.

Hanna’s strengths as a player are her view of the game, her ability of change of direction and pace, her passing vision and her effortless ability to find solutions in high pressured situations. All her strengths will be of great importance and need as Everton embark on the start of their season.

Hanna Bennison is considered a top talent by many, however the unique part of her talent or what continues to separate her from the rest is her ability to work hard, not only when things go her way but also when things get tough. Keeping 100% focus on her game on the field, no matter if it’s an Olympic Final or a two vs two with friends.

Go Hanna, you are more than ready, says Lisa Ek, Client Manager at CMG.