Connect Management Group is in a major growth phase in many areas. Recently, the former football player, the American Ella Masar, was introduced as a new Client Manager. The company has also launched a major investment on the marketing side in collaboration with Niklas Nestlander and Erik Hall. A few weeks ago, a number of new, exciting names were also elected to the board.

– I’m very happy with how the composition now looks like. I would also like to thank the former board members for their work and especially Hasse Arkinger who leaves his position as chairman of the board, but who will remain in the company, says Maria Karlsson De Cecco, CEO & Client Manager at CMG. Karlsson De Cecco is one of the new names on the board where she has taken a seat together with Carina Brorman, Sabine Söndergaard, and Isabella Bengtsson.

This is how Maria describes her new board colleagues:

Carina Brorman has invaluable experience from, among other things, the culture and sports sector. She has previously been involved in the kind of company change that CMG is currently undergoing and having the opportunity to receive Carina’s expertise feels incredibly humbling and necessary to be able to create the environment that is needed for us all to fill our maximal potential.

Brorman, who among other things is also chairman of Anna Lind Academy, STIM, Stockholm and has board assignments at the Swedish Film Institute, about her new role in CMG:
– I became interested in CMG when I heard about the level of ambition with the business and the values ​​that permeate the entire organization. I hope, with my experience with various sectors of society, I will be able to contribute to the continued development. It feels really valuable to be able to be involved and influence the financial conditions for women’s football players with a holistic perspective. An important gender equality issue where we have a lot left to work with.

Gothenburg profile Sabine Söndergaard, CEO of the law firm Glimstedt, also comes in with invaluable experience from a number of board assignments. Among other things, she has been chairman of BK Häcken, sits on the board of the Universeum Foundation, and the Gothenburg Rescue Mission.
– Sabine Söndergaard has an invaluable competence to implement strategy work into companies. Her background as chairman of the board, of an elite level in the world of sports, means that she will undoubtedly strengthen CMG’s board, says Karlsson De Cecco.
– It feels exciting and above all meaningful to work with CMG. There is a clear challenge in trying to create a stronger platform for women’s soccer players. I want to work for change, development, and for women’s football to take additional ground sportingly and commercially, says Söndergaard.

25-year-old medical student Isabella Bengtsson, with a past as a handball player in the elite team Skuru, thinks it’s exciting to still have one foot in sports, but above all she wants to get involved in order to be a voice for female athletes.
– Since I was recently an elite athlete, I have the perspective of what everyday life actually looks like for those who are doing it today. I will also be a counterpoint to all super-grown board colleagues with all their experience. I like to discuss, like to raise various issues, and am curious. I think I have a lot to contribute.
– Isabella Bengtsson has several years as an elite athlete at the highest level and with a medical degree coming up, I am sure that Isabella will add new angles to CMG’s board, says Karlsson De Cecco and continues:
– The mix that is now in the board with Stefan Burman, Fredrik Lemmel and Ingvar “Putte” Carlsson, as well as newly elected board members, I think gives an exciting and clear message about CMG’s high goal of becoming a world-leading sports management company for female athletes.

Your own board assignment, what are your thoughts?
– To have the opportunity to lead CMG forward, as part of the operational group, and to work with other board members to set the strategy for our company’s future are assignments that I am humbled by and feel are very inspiring.