– I played in Sweden for 9 years and with all of those years I have met so many people, made incredible friends who will always be a part of my story. I am so grateful for Vittsjö and everything they did for me. It was not an easy decision, but I know in my heart, it was time for me come home to play. Santos FC has always been a reference in football and I’m very happy with the opportunity to play for them and show my work. I would also like to thank CMG, without them it wouldn’t be possible to play in Brazil again, thank you very much to everyone involved, says Fernanda da Silva.

– We have been working for Fernanda for some years now and it’s been great to see her grow both on and off the field. A player and a person who is amazing to have as a teammate and as a client. This time Fernandas heart told her to play a season in Brazil and we are proud and happy to help her follow
her heart placing her in the Brazilian top team Santos, a club with a huge football culture and history.
Good luck Fernanda, hope we get to see a lot of Samba football from you also this year, says Lisa Ek, Client Manager at CMG.