– My first impression of the club has been great, says Karlernäs.

When Julia’s time in Spain came to an end, she had the opportunity to stay abroad, however when Häcken heard about it, she felt it was an offer she could not refuse.

– I do not want to be abroad just to be abroad and that is why, coming ‘home,’ made so much sense. I have won a Swedish Championship, with Piteå, and I know (with Häcken) more titles will come. Their dedication and investment, in the women’s game, feels genuine and they have shown already how they want to set a standard in Sweden. For me, as a player, I do not think you can get better conditions in Sweden, says Karlernäs.

She enjoyed her time in Sevilla, even though she knows she did not reach her full potential there. Nonetheless, she knows that the lessons she learned were essential for her to continue becoming the best version of herself, on and off the pitch. For now, she is excited to get to know her ‘new’ hometown of Gothenburg, and looks forward to playing in Damallsvenskan again.

Mats Gren, Häcken’s coach, can only share the sentiments of Julia and her time at Sevilla. Which makes him even more excited to see how he can maximize her potential as not only a central midfielder but also has a central defender.

Luckily for her, she is no stranger to being asked to ‘step up’ in another role.

– I have never played center back, but I think my overall player strengths could really benefit me in this position. Regardless of how it ends up next November, I know it will give me the chance to continue my development. Many players have only become better when they have changed positions and for me, I only see it as a promising opportunity, states Julia.

– In recent years, Julia has gained a lot of experience both nationally and internationally. We are all excited to see her ruthless work ethic and dedication come into fruition with one of Scandinavia’s fastest growing clubs in women’s football. With her work capacity and strength to be able to play in several positions, we look forward to following Julia in BK Häcken, says Maria Karlsson De Cecco, CEO and Client Manager at CMG.