The, 29 year old, Beata Kollmats has signed for Italian league Serie A second, AS Roma.

In march 2020, Beata suffered from a knee injury that forced her to rehab for 18 months. However, this autumn she was back on the pitch, and was back in form with BK Häcken. With the injury behind her and the feeling of a fresh start, she is now ready to ‘level up’ once again after playing in Gothenburg since 2011.

– I’ve followed Beata for the last 15 years of her career and I have seen her develop from being a young, talented player to become a true leader, a captain and a key player for one of the best teams in Sweden. Beata has been taking big steps every year but nothing has impressed me more than her last two years. She has shown how consistency and hard work are key words, she has done a world class rehab, a strong come back and within weeks after she performed on the highest possible level in Champions League against teams like Lyon and Bayern Munich. Goosebumps! To watch Beata in Roma will be very exciting. Her strengths with her passing skills, view of the game and her technique will fit great into the way Roma wants to play football. We are confident the move to Roma will help Beata take new steps in her career and make her reach another level, a level she never reached before, says Lisa Ek, Client Manager, CMG.