BK Häcken’s Beata Kollmats is back on the football field again after 18 months or what many would call ‘injury hell.’

– It feels almost unreal, she says.

On March 14, 2020, Beata Kollmats suffered her third crucial ligament injury (the first on her left knee) and the journey of getting back on the pitch. However, this was one where she seemed to only encounter setback after setback.

– I have had problems with mobility, my knee has swollen up after exercise and I have had much more pain this time. It has been very problematic. Every time I have loaded a little harder, I have new problems, she says.

With great patience and perseverance, Kollmats took a step back, started over, tested new paths and finally, two months ago, started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

At the end of September, she played a match with Häckens F19 and also had to jump into the cup match against Göteborg DFF.

– If I would have known everything that I would have to go through before, I would never have had the strength. I have told myself several times that I can not give up after fighting so long. It has been more bad days than good, so it feels almost unreal that I am here now. I feel like a part of the team again and I am so very grateful for that, she says and continues:

– My hope is to compete for a place and I hope to play with the A-team again this season. I feel eager, but I’m happy to just be able to train again. I have to take it from there and keep on fighting.

Kollmats is already preceding her wishes with being in the squad against Lyon for tonights Champions League match. The guests’ Ada Hegerberg is also back. The Norwegian superstar and Ballon d’Or winner has also had a tough rehabilitation and has not played since January 2020.