Our history

How it all started.

CMG was founded in 2015, Stockholm, Sweden as a women’s football agency.

Khaled El-Ahmad and Ingvar “Putte” Carlsson started the company together with Lars Thorén and Lars Johannesson. The professional football players Carola Söberg and Maria Karlsson De Cecco had El-Ahmad as agent during their careers and started to work for the company.

The founders saw early a sport with great possibility and big development opportunities.

The main purpose with the company was to give female football players the best conditions to perform their best.

CMG vision

To be a part of creating a world that is conscious, empowered and equal, where top players and coaches in the world of women’s football have world class opportunities to be the best they can be in order to inspire next generation.

Our footprints

For us, it is extremely important to look after the whole person in our quest to achieve our goals but also what kind of footprints we leave behind. Sustainability and ethical values has always been our top priorities. We always want to do more and in order to achieve this, from day one, we never doubted our direction.

The Global Goals

Guided by three goals, we want to be a part of creating a world where well-being is one of our main objectives. We put our work in daily when it comes to gender equality and we must make sure that financial progress creates decent and fulfilling jobs within sports and equal pay for work of equal value.